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EulerBeats | Enigma LP

Thanks to the Treum.io team who created EulerBeats for publishing this article with us! If you’d like to write a guest post for our blog, let us know at [email protected]

EulerBeats first NFT drop called Genesis emerged from obscurity only days of launch. A community of art and music lovers became fascinated with the NFTs and the unique features they shipped with – mainly their ideas around Originals and Prints, bonding curves, on chain art and music, and full commercial rights. Mark Cuban quickly chimed in and called it “the most genius idea ever.” In less than a month the unique royalty technology built by the EulerBeats team which is programmed into the smart contract has paid out over $2mm USD to just 27 of the original holders. 

So what is a EulerBeat NFT?

Imagine music as mathematical art on an NFT substrate. This is Euler’s Beats. The Euler Record is a limited edition set of algorithmically generated art + music based on the Euler number and the Euler-Totient function. Genesis (27 NFTs) and Enigma (27 NFTs) are two sides of the Euler Record. The EulerBeats smart contracts extend the ERC-1155 Ethereum multi-token standard to create non-fungible unique original tokens and a set of fungible print tokens for each original. Both releases share a common mathematical basis, but differ in art, music, and bonding curve structures. The token is the art piece in itself. Everything needed to re-create each masterpiece is stored on-chain on Ethereum. EulerBeats is a careful and creative ensemble of math, art, music, royalties, instantly liquid tokens, and scarcity in a neat digital pack. It’s a first of its kind.

Tell me more about Enigma 🙂

EulerBeats Enigma originals are ultra scarce NFTs and are capped at 27 – completing the other side of the Euler record. The token seed was generated on-chain at the time of creation. The creator’s wallet address and the block hash were part of the inputs into the seed and token generation process. The art + music generation script used the seeds to create the associated art + music for the 27 Enigma Originals. Just like in the Genesis release the team was not able to preview the art + beat before the tokens were minted. While Genesis thrived upon its simplicity and it’s directness – Enigma is about texture and richness shown by its clear composition of different sections and intricacies within each section. We all work long days and listening to the Enigma NFTs is a great way to relax and enjoy – tweet us about how you like them @eulerbeats.  

The auctions

The Auction for 25 of the 27 Ultra Scarce EulerBeats Enigma LP NFTs will be on OpenSea starting Monday 29th at Noon ET. This English-style auction is slated to run for 48 hours and end on Wednesday, March 31st at noon ET. If bidding activity continues during the closing minutes, the auction will extend in 5-minute increments. Once the auction completes and Originals are transferred to the winning bidders, sale of Prints will start through the EulerBeats.com website. One of the 27 Originals is set aside to donate to a community DAO and the other is set aside for the EulerBeats team.

Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/eulerbeats-enigma

For a more thorough examination of the EulerBeats Enigma launch, visit the official website at https://eulerbeats.com


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