Property for sale Agrocomplex, located on a plot of land with a total area of 1 244 and 4 878 hectares in the Ivanovo region. Suitable for the project of dairy farming and other agricultural products, depending on your needs.
The complex includes the following services:
— garage (mechanical workshop) = 988.4 m2

  • garage (warm Parking) = 465.8 m2
    — the cowshed on 100 goals = 953.9 m2
    — barn for 140 heads = 1285.6 m2
  • potato storage = 946.5 m2

All certificates are issued in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The list of available material values, scans of certificates and photos of objects will provide at the request of interested buyers. The land is rented for 10 years.

• The total cost of the business is 5 200 000 rubles.

Legal form-an individual. Owners — 1.
Leave a request and become the owner of a profitable business.

Sale of existing business. New tourist complex in the Altai Mountains with land of 1 Hectare and a net annual profit of 12 million rubles. Payback 2.5 years

The hostel is in a convenient and well-known for tourist place — 22 km fromChemal and 15 km. from the warm lakes and the leisure centre turquoise Katun, and also near a very famous tourist centers where there are large tourist events. In walking distance water Park and restaurant complex.


1. Land — 1 Hectare in the property.

2. Real estate. All buildings are made of cedar:
— house (for 6 persons) — 48 sq. m.
— house with bath (5 persons) — 80 sqm
— two-storey house (40 people) — 200 sqm
— bath 200 sq. m. (two mirrored bath on the first floor and in second floor 4 rooms for 17 people)
— 13 houses with two rooms each (96 people)
— cafe 90 sq. m. (150)
— two conference rooms (year-round) — one of 80 sqm, 45 sqm second
three gazebos, BBQ
— Playground
— Parking for cars

Landscaped area: with Apple trees, spruce trees and shrubs.

3. Own power lines from the main Federal highway to the camp site.

4. Private well (46m) with drinking water.

Walking distance accessibility:
— 200 – 800 m – tourist center: Tursib, the Katun’, Birel, Sinegorie
— 22 km – district Selo Chemal, hydro power, Special economic zone “turquoise Katun”, Manzherok
— 200 m – mineral source. 
— 700 m – bus stop
— 15 km – Maralnik

The territory is located in a magnificent mountain valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains covered with pine forest.

If you wanted to buy…….

What will happen to the ruble, the dollar and oil?

1. Now the Russian currency market has entered a period of stabilization and response occurs to a greater extent on macroeconomic factors than on possible cases, the risks and other aspects. This means that the risks of new sanctions by the US seem less likely for investors. Russia’s trade balance determines where to move the ruble. The price of oil is high enough — there is a trend towards strengthening of the ruble. Of course, counteracts the first, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, buying currency for the Reserve Fund (the welfare Fund). I think, as from the beginning of June, we have seen a steady trend of strengthening of the ruble, 50 kopecks per month, in July, this trend will continue.

2. Inflation is slowing fast enough. Now the effect of the VAT increase have practically disappeared. Central Bank pursued a rather strict policy. In July there will be some seasonal factors, and in July-September we will again wait for the inflation that was before last year’s surge. This inflation near zero or even slight deflation in the summer months. By the end of 2019, inflation is unlikely to exceed 4-4,5%.

3. If the OPEC countries will not be able to negotiate a further reduction of quotas of oil extraction or maintaining the agreement, which is valid now, then in the short term, the military factor will support oil prices at the current level. He will continue in July in the neighborhood of $65-70 per barrel. The risk of military conflict between the US and Iran will keep prices at acceptable for Russia level.

4. The exchange rate between the Euro the dollar is now in a frozen state, because there is a sufficiently large number of factors from different sides. Despite the fact that there is a trade war between Europe and the United States, the European Central Bank continues quantitative easing. European countries are now in a less favourable economic situation, the exchange rate between the dollar and the Euro fluctuates virtually on 2-3 cents per unit. This means that currency speculators lost interest in trading on this pair, apparently, this situation will continue.But if at some time the interest is created, there will be noticeable fluctuations up to 50 cents per Euro. Factors changing very much over the past year and a half, and the rate remained stable.

Sergei DrobyshevskyDirector for scientific work of the Institute for economic policy. Gaidar:

Billionaires brought out of Russian stocks $ 700 million for the week!

Meanwhile, the Russian stock shares has historical records for the MICEX index and the ruble held close to the annual peaks, the largest owners of the Russian business get out.

Almost simultaneously – over one week to sell shares in their companies decided three figures of the Russian Forbes list with total assets of 35.9 billion dollars.

Parade of access to the second cache was headed by Russia’s richest man, owner Michael Lisin NLMK. On Friday, brokered by Goldman Sachs, he sold in London for 2.6% of the shares of the company, raising $ 400 million.

free ticket

The deal took place according to the procedure of accelerated bookbuild – that is “the market” and has brought down quotations of Russia’s largest steel producer by 5.8%.

A day earlier, a similar procedure was carried TCS Group Chairman Oleg Tinkov (“Tinkoff Bank and Tinkoff insurance”). During SPO in London on the market, it sold 10% of the capital of the company, and Tinkov got rid of the package is 3.4%, generated about 122 million dollars.

Its share in the TCS Group has declined to 40.4%, reported the press service of the company.

Lisin and Tinkoff ahead for a week Roman Abramovich. Owned by billionaire offshore Greenleas International sold is 0.8% Evraz in London on 20 June.

He was joined by other proprietors – Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov, the structure of which is sold is 0.9%. In sum, the deal made the owners of 158 million pounds, or about $ 200 million.

golden ticket

After the owners come to market insiders. Among the sellers was the General Director of “inter RAO” Boris Kovalchuk. He got rid of all of the shares of the company headed by him (0,15%), who received as a bonus in may of last year.

The deal could bring about 700 million roubles, or 11 million dollars, and looks especially strange when you consider that Kovalchuk drew attention to the growth prospects of the market capitalization of “inter RAO”, analysts of Sberbank CIB.

Capitalization actually increased – just as when Kovalchuk decided to sell the paper. From 4 to 19 June, they soared to 25%, from 3.9 to 4.9 rubles apiece, the result of a top Manager was able to “cash out” package max 2010 price.

After the transaction, shares of “inter RAO UES” began to fall, ending the week in red by 8.1% (4.52 ruble at the close of trading Friday).

The Russian market since the beginning of the year rose 33% on the RTS. The result is better revealed in the world only two assets – futures for iron ore (+67%) and bitcoin (+194%). Given good conditions, the owners of record profits, perhaps creating reserves of cash for investment, says head of the analytical Department of the IR “Instant invest” Alexander Timofeev.

However, the tendency to exit in a cash world. In June, the share of cash balance of major funds jumped a record since 2011 – from 4.6% to 5.6%, the survey showed managers Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which was attended by investors with assets of 640 billion dollars.

“So the bearish sentiment was not with the global financial crisis,” says chief strategist BofA Mike Harnett: 56% of investors called the threat of a trade war, and 41% predicted a decline in corporate profits, and a share of stock on the balance sheets fell to the lowest level since 2009.

win a lamba

On the other hand, free cache means that investors have prepared funds for investment, said Timofeev: if the global situation will be resolved positively (the trade war between the US and China and the beginning of the conflict in the Persian Gulf), there will be tremendous opportunities in the markets.

With regard to sales by Russian billionaires, they can be the beginning of a corporate change, says the expert: remembering the history of Oleg Deripaska, oligarchs on the Forbes list can try to change corporate governance before we get into the sanctions lists.




The Russians will admit to the stock exchange of Bombay, in Antalya with a map of the WORLD and what’s going on with bitcoin?

The Exchange is in talks with the Bombay stock exchange on the mutual granting of access to trading. In addition, the planned cross-listing of some of the instruments on both exchanges. Soon Russians will have the opportunity to invest in one of the largest markets in the world, plus geographical diversification.

TSB actively promotes a map of the WORLD around the world. It’s not going anywhere. But by the end of the year in Turkey will be possible to pay by card WORLD. Now at Turkish resorts (so beloved by Russian tourists) thousands of our citizens will be proud to get out of the pockets of the shorts Bank card which you can immediately understand who is who. However most of these resorts love cash more than cards but we the people persistent.

Bravura speech emanating from specialized resources (about bitcoin) as a hint that the bitcoin returns, and it has risen by 20%! My God, we’re all missed! (actually, no). Every time a bitcoin moves up or down, it served as the beginning of something important, but no. Wild time bitcoin millionaires has passed, now it’s just one of the cryptocurrency longer than other history. If tomorrow bitcoin will cost $ 100 million, it will not change anything.


What is the alternative to meat and will we switch to artificial food?

More and more scientists are looking for and finding an alternative to meat, and at the same time crustaceans, milk and mayonnaise. We understand which companies are promoting a new kind of food industry and what their initiative can lead to.

If in the XX century mankind represented the food of the future as a strange mass of tubes that astronauts eat, or liquid substances, frighteningly detailed in utopian novels and shown in sci-fi movies (remember the “Matrix”), the XXI century hints that the food of the future is artificial products grown in the laboratory, in appearance and taste absolutely identical to natural. And while some people think it’s a whim of mad scientists and wealthy investors from California, the brainchild of “food from Frankenstein” penetrate into restaurants around the world and may soon appear on the tables of ordinary Housewives

A pasture the size of a planet

Over the past year on a wave of conscious consumption increased trend in artificial or “clean” products.They are prepared from plant proteins that mimic the taste and texture of the original meat or milk, and grows in the laboratories of protein of animal cells.The fact that meat and dairy farming is cruel and not humane for animals, yet care is that of acatamiento and vegans.More widely known that the livestock occupied more than 30% of the land, including cut down more than 70% of the forestsAmazonand every cow a year“throws” the atmosphere of 70-120 kg of methane (in total this amounts to 15-18% of the total amount of greenhouse gas).

By 2050, when the population will grow to 10 billion and plantations by breeding animals will have nowhere to expand, lack of components of the basic food basket can feel each family. How to feed everyone on earth without turning the planet into one giant cow pasture? This issue and engaged in alternative products. The reduction of meat consumption and replacing it with one of the easiest ways to fix the situation and the opportunity to leave a little bit of natural resources to future generations.However, while the market share of alternative products is too small (less than 1 percent of the meat industry) to have a significant impact on sustainable development.


In alter meat contains no gluten and cholesterol (it is simply impossible to reproduce in laboratory conditions), and alter milk contains no lactose, and in General in such products, no growth hormones and antibiotics, which are usually fed to animals. This is especially suitable suffering from increased sensitivity to antibiotics. But, according to nutritionists, plant-based alter meat does not make him super food, it is not harmful and no better than usual. And in this race of a simple raw vegetables while still holding the championship.

Out of the tube

The world’s first artificial Burger for Burger grown in a laboratory forces the Dutch startup Mosa Meat, funded by Google founder Sergey Brin. The product was the result of years of research at Maastricht University. In 2013, chief scientific officer of mark Post presented his creation to the public, however, cost this innovative Burger then $325 thousand During the last years the company made a major technological breakthrough, in 2016, significantly reducing the cost to $11 for a Burger.

These companies work at the interface of biotechnology and traditional meat industry, where the process of making cultured meat is similar to meat producing livestock, with the exception that cells grow outside the body of the animal. First, stem cells muscle recovered from animal by biopsy using General anesthesia. Then placed in a nutrient medium with the possibility of growth and reproduction. The growth of muscle cells merge into Mitreski primitive muscle fibers, which are then gaining volume, turning into strands of muscle tissue.Of these strands, layered on top of each other, in the end, it turns out the meat from which you can make beef, chicken, or fill them with a 3D printer, which will print the Burger.

The cultivation of meat in laboratories engaged in other company. For Example, Memphis Meats. They recently introduced a meatball of cultured meat, for the production of which took stem cells not only cows, but also pigs. Israeli Super Meat specializiruetsya on the chicken, growing the stem cells of birds. The company’s goal is to bring the product to market and make it the same at the price of real chicken meat.



For those who can not get rid of the factor “yuk” due sense “of senatorelect” and something foreign to the meat grown in a lab (in the focus groups were people who were unable to restrain retching), there is another way to create alternative meat, its simulation with the use of products of plant origin. Today it is the most popular faux meat. The production of two leading companies — Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat from California. The aim of Impossible Foods is to define what people love the most in foods of animal origin: the texture, color or smell, to find a replacement in the plant Kingdom. In 2016, it turned out — was presented for the first Impossible Burger, which received a lot of awards from critics and chefs. The company raised $250 million investment, including from bill gates, thanks to which the project has received massive publicity. Oddly enough, the creators believe that their product is more focused on avid meat eaters than vegetarians or vegans.To create “the perfect Burger” that looks like meat that sizzles when it is fried, and let the juice when it is eaten, was added to the protein leghemoglobin — a kind of hemoglobin. It is extracted from the roots of legumes — peas, beans and soybeans — vegetable and gives meat red, identical to the natural color, as if adding “blood”. Impossible Foods supplies meat for burgers, tacos, hot dogs, meatballs, and other products. In April, the company began to cooperate with Burger King. Now all the American chain restaurants you can buy Impossible Whopper what could be considered a new level in the mass distribution of artificial meat.

In January, the restaurant chain Carl’s Jr. in the US there was a vegetable Burger from Beyond Meat is one of the first players in this market. Their other products — burgers, sausages and mince — 33 thousand sold in American supermarkets, it is also reported that vegetable meat eyeing McDonald’s. The creators find the same building blocks that comprise meat — protein, fat, minerals and water in plants (mainly pea or soy protein isolate and rice protein). Unlike the Impossible Burger and its complex leghemoglobin red color and juiciness Beyond Burger gives good old beet juice. The company is also trying to take the “building blocks” from other plants, for example, uses sunflower seeds, Lupin or mustard to reduce the cost. Beyond Meat is cooperating with the Russian restaurant holding White Rabbit Family.The Burger meat with vegetable for this year is available in the restaurant “the dragon” and other institutions of the holding. “In America over the past five years, the demand for vegan products increased by 257%, says the restaurateur Boris Zarkov. — In Russia, too, there is interest in this segment. Vegetable meat is an innovative product and an answer to many requests for a new society: the pursuit of novelty, concern for own health, the solution to the problem of lack of resources, improve the climate and, of course, humane treatment of animals.We share ideas and values of responsible consumption and working to draw the attention on a related set of issues.”


Not only meat

In the eternal philosophical question of what came first, the chicken or the egg — there is finally clarity. Apparently, the first will be a yeast. A startup from San Francisco Clara Foods develops the “protein of the future” — egg whites, by disintermediating the production of chickens. The company created identical to chicken, liquid egg whites, combining the ancient practice of fermentation and the latest technology. Main components — sugar and yeast is that after fermentation, turn into egg whites. It can be used in baking, in cooking, in the mixture of protein powders as well — unbelievable but true — it can be your own egg.

One of the most respected players in the market for alternative proteins is considered Just also from San Francisco. Its founders have threatened to change the entire food system is based, according to them, on the principle of “cheap and calorically dangerous for the environment”. Scientists and technologists from Just investigated more than 300 thousand species of plants, which previously no one ever used in food production. Thus was created a mayonnaise-based yellow peas grown in Canada.Bezyazychnaya products — Just Mayo mayonnaise, the dressing is Just Dressing, the basis for Just-baked Cookie Dough and scrambled eggs Just Scramble became an absolute hit in the USA and sold by such giants as Walmart and Whole Foods. Soon Californians promise to undertake the development of the fish that never swam in the water.

Alternative seafood have already been made in the company New Wave. Lab-grown shrimp consist of vegetable protein and red algae. According to the first to try out the Google employees who immediately ordered the party to taste them is not true. As they say the creators, the novelty will allow to reduce the number of catches of crustaceans, exposed an important link in marine ecosystems, but also to avoid slave labor, which is often involved in the market supply of seafood.

Milk, of course, also found an alternative, and it does not oat, coconut or almond. Irish company Perfect Day Foods creates milk proteins by fermentation of milk with yeast, sugar, adding plant nutrients and fats. Such milk does not contain hormones, antibiotics and lactose. It is possible to make cheese, cream, ice cream — all in all, what usually make from milk.


Like real

Let’s pretend we already live in a world where everyone can easily buy artificial meat, the taste of competing with the best ribeye steak, but the carbon exhaust is smaller than a parsnip growing in the garden. But how to get rid of the feeling that it is “unreal”? In fact, in alter products there’s nothing artificial, it mimics meat, even though it contradicts another culinary trend, farm-to-table (with field to table).A barrier to more widespread distribution of alternative products is the realization that in the process of their manufacture is practically not involved was familiar to us animals. The experts and volunteers who have tested alter meat claim that it is indistinguishable from the present, but still some 1% may be hostile to signal that steak on the plate is the brainchild of technocratic thinking, developed by engineers and scientists and not by nature.And now the task of scientists is to eliminate the 1% discrepancy, which can be attributed to the fact awareness on how was the resulting product. Perhaps we should just quietly and without publicity to replace the original hamburger alternative. And we will continue to see advertisement of mayonnaise, sausages and marinated meat for barbecue, but let’s not think about what they are made.


Россиянам предложат 50 тонн золота вместо долларов!

Группа членов Совета Федерации во главе с сенатором от Ростовской области Евгением Бушминым внесла в ГосДуму пакет законопроектов, отменяющих большинство налогов на операции с золотом для физических лиц.

В России возникла необходимость создания альтернативного доллару США средства накопления, и золото может стать таким инструментом, полагают авторы инициативы.

В результате всех предложенных мер спрос на золото со стороны физических лиц вырастет в 14 раз: россияне будут покупать по 50 тонн драгметалла в год (против 3-4 тонн сейчас), уходя из американской валюты, говорится в обосновании проектов.

Для этого, полагают сенаторы, следует отменить НДС при реализации слитков и монет физическим лицам.

Сейчас этот налог в России платят небанковские структуры и граждане при изъятии слитков из хранилища. Его отмена обсуждается уже почти пять лет, и каждый раз сталкивается с противодействием чиновников, полагающих, что бюджет недополучит доходы.

Однако проблема решится, если добиться действительно массового спроса населения на слитки, возражают сенаторы: российским компаниям придется увеличить добычу золота примерно на 40 тонн в год, что принесет в казну 6,2 млрд рублей в виде НДПИ (налога на добычу полезных ископаемых).

Второй законопроект группы Бушмина предлагает частично освободить от НДФЛ доходы физических лиц по обезличенным металлическим счетам.

Эти доходы складываются из двух компонентов: начисляемых банком процентов и разницей между ценой покупки золота и ценой продажи. Первый, согласно проекту, по прежнему будет облагаться налогом по ставке 13%, а второй – будет освобожден от НДФЛ, если срок инвестиций составил 3 года и более.

Кроме того, сенаторы хотят распространить действие системы страхования вкладов на обезличенные металлические счета.

По состоянию начало 2019 года россияне держали 22,3 триллиона рублей на вкладах в рублях, 6,2 триллиона – на валютных депозитах и всего 100-150 млрд рублей на обезличенных металлических счетах.

«Предлагаемые законопроектом изменения позволят повысить привлекательность обезличенных металлических счетов для граждан и будут способствовать реализации их потенциала как средства сбережения и инструмента инвестирования», – говорится в пояснительной записке к проекту.