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Virtual globe will show where you would live in the time of dinosaurs!


Torvosaurus was a carnivore. It lived in the Jurassic period and inhabited Europe and North America. Its fossils have been found in places such as Colorado, Wyoming and Shanxi (China).

Cryogenian Period. Glaciers may have covered the entire planet during the greatest ice age known on Earth. Different types of single-celled organisms such as green algae appear for the first time.

The history of our planet has 4.5 billion years, and during this time the earth’s surface has undergone many changes. Recently, some of these changes can be clearly seen with the help of a virtual globe, showing where would be located your hometown 750 million years ago.

Scientist Ian Webster launched the Ancient Earth project: using data and tools from the G-Plates platform. He created a virtual model of the Earth, where you can see how the earth’s surface has changed over the past 750 million years.

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