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Top 5 tanks 9 levels, which are fun to play!

5th place – Škoda T 50

The Škoda T 50 is an incredibly unbalanced medium tank. Accurate weapon with a drum for 960 damage and reload in 20 seconds. Incredibly fast drum discharge speed allows you to empty the entire drum in 3.6 seconds and quickly change position. The powerful engine allows the tank to instantly accelerate to a maximum of 50 km/h, because the specific power is as much as 26 HP per ton. Despite the decent size, Škoda T 50 has a good camouflage and excellent visibility of 400 meters. Yes, booking this tank is absolutely not, but other than this fact, the Škoda T 50 is no more shortcomings. Angles of vertical aiming -8 degrees make it possible to effectively play on the dug-up maps with a variety of terrain. The penetration of 248 mm by the main projectile is one of the best indicators among all medium tanks of level 9. Cumulative projectiles with a penetration of 310 mm make it possible to punch in the forehead such tanks as Type 5 Heavy and Maus. Summing up, we can say with confidence that the Škoda T 50 is one of the best medium tanks and play it just nice.

4th place – T30

This PT-ACS is quite a controversial machine. Some players are just happy when playing the T30, while others curse him for his poor accuracy and mediocre mobility. Yes, this PT-ACS, which in fact is a heavy tank, has very strange characteristics. Deadly 155 mm gun with damage from a shot of 750 units and a penetration of 276 mm makes it possible to destroy tanks 9-10 level with two or three shots. However, the accuracy of 0.37 and the speed information 2.9 seconds sometimes fails when shooting at long distances. The T30 has a great gun depression of -10 degrees and a strong tower T34. A powerful engine helps to develop a maximum of 35 km/h, which is enough for a successful change of position. Case in T30 moved from T34 unchanged and represents a huge sensitive area, the reservation is 150 mm. Hiding the body and with just one turret, the T30 is becoming a serious enemy for any tank at level 10. Of course, the roof of the tower breaks through any projectiles caliber of more than 120 mm, but against medium tanks booking towers often helps. If you are used to playing the T29, T34 and you are ready to get exactly the same tank, but with a much more hellish weapon, then you should definitely buy the T30. If you are a fan of fast medium tanks or ambush tank DESTROYERS, it is better to pay attention to the M46 Patton or T95.

3rd place – Conqueror

Conqueror is rightfully the best heavy tank because of the combination of the best gun among all TT-9s, excellent armor and ideal vertical aiming angles of -10 degrees. The above reservation in the tower and the upper frontal part is more than 270 mm, which makes it easy to tank the main armor-piercing shells of tanks of level 9-10. Precision of 0.32, the speed of information 1.9 seconds, as well as excellent stabilization gives you the opportunity to sniper fire, and make accurate hits on the move. Of course, mediocre mobility and huge size do not allow to play comfortably on open maps in the presence of artillery in the enemy team, but as soon as Conqueror gets into urban conditions, he becomes able to push almost alone the direction consisting of enemy tanks of level 10. By far this tank will appeal to all fans of heavy tanks, as deficiencies in Conqueror and almost no

2nd place – E-50

The best medium tank level 9 and that says it all! Excellent accuracy, good mobility, impressive booking and, of course, hell damage per minute. E-50 with a mass of 63 tons is able to take on the RAM even heavy enemy tanks, such as T110E5 or Kranvagn. Penetration of 270 mm sub-caliber shells makes it possible not to experience problems when meeting with tanks such as Maus or E-100. 0.3 accuracy and speed of information 2.1 seconds gives the possibility to alternate the aggressive play on the 1st line and ambush fighting style. 400 meters of the review quite compensate mediocre masking of the tank on open cards therefore it is possible not to be afraid of sudden illumination. E-50 easily accelerates to 45-48 km/h, however, to take the maximum 60 km/h tank will take time. The best medium tank level 9 for experienced players who know how to break in time and also in time to leave the battlefield to start shooting enemy tanks from a long distance.

1 place – Object 257

Object 257 replaced shifted a T-10 in the development branch to the legendary is-7. The tank has excellent armor, a good weapon and mobility, as well as very interesting sides that allow you to tank a huge number of enemy shells. The above reservation in the upper frontal part is more than 280 mm, which allows to withstand armor-piercing shells of tanks of level 10. Of course, the lower frontal part and the roof of the tower are vulnerable zones, but the high mobility of the tank makes it possible to reduce the chance of hitting enemies in such places on the tank. Despite the mediocre overview and poor vertical aiming angles, The 257 is simply an excellent heavy breakthrough tank that brings great pleasure when playing on it.

Enjoy the game!

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